Another Note on Mothers

It was a good day today.  I have been fighting with a bit of depression but it could just be a touch of flu.  I’m not sure. I have been so exhausted.

I hoped to write more about May’s topic before now but the words have not been flowing.  In fact, I’ve been quite blocked on this issue.

To me, it is important to add that I am in awe of great mothers!

So often society blames mothers for every little thing, while the father’s role is diminished.  I grew up without a father.  In fact, when I met Dad again (after my parents divorced), my brother introduced me. I had not seen him for 18 years and couldn’t recognize him from his brothers who were visiting that day.

Mothers work so hard and give endlessly.  They love those little scrunched-up and red faces from the second their baby is born. At first cry, they fall in love and never fall out.

So, for the moment, please know, dear readers, that my own experience aside, I support mothers in every way.  I encourage and respect those who fight so hard to shape and enrich the lives of their children, thereby chiselling out our futures.

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