Down By the Salley Gardens by William Butler Yeats

Down by the salley gardens

my love and I did meet;

She passed the salley gardens

with little snow-white feet,

She bid me take love easy,

as the leaves grow on the tree;

But I, being young and foolish,

with her would not agree.


In a field by the river

my love and I did stand,

And on my leaning shoulder

she laid her snow-white hand.

She bid me take life easy,

as the grass grows on the weirs;

But I was young and foolish

and now am full of teats.

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FOR PEACE by John O’Donohue

Cherry Blossoms


As the fever of day calms towards
May all that is strained in us come to
We pray for all who suffered
violence today
May an unexpected serenity surprise
For those who risk their lives each
day for peace.
May their hearts glimpse providence
at the heart of history,
That those who make riches from
violence and war
Might hear in their dreams the cries
of the lost
That we might see through our fear
of each other
A new vision to heal our fatal
attraction to aggression.
That those who enjoy the privilege
of peace
Might not forget their tormented
brothers and sisters.
That the wolf might lie down with
the lamb,
That our swords be beaten into
And no hurt or harm be done
Anywhere along the holy mountain.


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