What I Learned Today

It can be fun to cope with an aging brain.

These days, I find myself distracted by so many interests. It’s a real job to refocus.

I concentrate better by spending less time on Twitter.

However, I’m still a spinning head on a toothbrush.

An elderly friend of mine has been so sick. I hurried to her home yesterday, after picking up Boost, Ensure, Pedialyte, and more at Safeway.

When I arrived, we exchanged several hugs. She draped one arm over me while I set the brown bag on the counter. Ann pulled out the nutritional shakes. “Can you take this back then?”

My mouth fell open. I wasn’t taking anything back. I tried to cover a frustrated sigh, while tears welled at the back of my eyes. Without enough calories and nutrition, she was in big trouble.

Dealing with this stubborn friend is a feat and a half.

“Would you like a cuppa tea, Terry?”

“You bet I would,” I said smiling.

“You know I only have Tetley. I’ve gone off Red Rose completely now.”

She plugged in the kettle, while I opened the cupboard door. There was a soft clanging of saucers against their cups.

A few minutes later, we sat at opposite ends of the lumpy brown sofa. We sipped our hot drinks and chatted. I loved this part, listening intently, connecting lost tangents, and ensuring I spoke loudly enough. I felt the corners of my eyes crease as she told me all the details.

“So finally I asked my doctor, what about a mammogram? Aren’t I due for one by now?”

Ann’s eyes went wild with joy. “He reminded me that I am 80!” She burst out laughing. “Today I learned that when a woman turns 74, there are NO MORE mammograms. Isn’t that wonderful?”

I exaggerated a tantrum and stomped my feet, “I want to be 74 NOW!”

We laughed like school girls.