FOR PEACE by John O’Donohue

Cherry Blossoms

FOR PEACE As the fever of day calms towards twilight May all that is strained in us come to ease. We pray for all who suffered violence today May an unexpected serenity surprise them. For those who risk their lives each day for peace. May their hearts glimpse providence at the heart of history, That those who make riches from violence and war Might hear…

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Honouring Ukraine – The Low Road – Marge Piercy

The Low Road Marge Piercy What can they do to you? Whatever they want. They can set you up, they can bust you, they can break your fingers, they can burn your brain with electricity, blur you with drugs till you can’t walk, can’t remember, they can take your child, wall up your lover. They can do anything you can’t blame them from doing. How…

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